The Dilemma-Tool


The Dilemma-tool is hosted on the scientific research platform SosciSurvey. The Survey is optimized to be used on tablets or smartphones.

At the start the students are confronted with the Dilemma. Afterwards they are presented with a series of questions on their personal orientation and their attitudes towards nature and religion.

Based on the answers the students are sorted into one of five groups. Each group describes a different attitude towards ecology and climate justice. These groups and the categories they are based on were previously developed and verified in an empirical study. The results of this study are published in peer-reviewed journals.

You can access the questionnaire here » 

After completing the questionnaire, the students receive a number. This number corresponds with one of the five groups mentioned above. In addition, the students are given a codeword.

In a second questionnaire the students can find out which group they were sorted into using both the number and the codeword.

You can access the results here »

The twostep process gives educators the opportunity to decide when they want to reveal the results to their students. By doing so there are multiple ways to use the tool. For example, it may be used to form groups of students with different values and attitudes towards ecology and climate justice without students knowing which group they were sorted into.

If you are pressed for time and you need a quicker version of the tool, we have created a short version of our questionnaire which only contains the items relevant for calculating which group the students are sorted into.

You can access the short version here »

The Dilemma-tool was originally devised in German. If you are interested in using the German version of the tool and further information in German language you can find it on the German version of our website.

You can access the German tool here »

By using the Dilemma-tool in your classroom you are helping us collect data and forward our research on the project. All entries are anonymised and treated with utmost care. We use the data exclusively for research purposes. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data, feel free to contact us.


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